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Rossini’s William Tell Overture–A Mini-Arrangement

Here’s a bit of ear-candy for you. it’s a very playable little arrangement of the famous William Tell Overture.

I’ve created a mini-course to go with this mini-arrangement. Level: Early Intermediate.

Videos  1 is a sample lessons.

If you wish to take this free course, press “Take This Course,” and follow the instructions on the next page.



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  • littlejack

    Mr. Kaufman, Greetings, I’m interested in transposing, tabs preferably but notes would work, an arrangement for bass for our bluegrass band, in G maj. I won’t be playing it “verbatim”, but would like to include enough of the signature notes and passages to make it recognizable and give it credibility. I see this mini version is about the length of the version I had found on youtube. So my question is this course only for the mini version or the longer version, or is the longer version available.

    Looking forward to you response,

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    • JayKauffman

      Hi Jack….I just happened to be right here so maybe you’ll see this fast answer right away:)
      The course is only for the mini version.
      I have a longer version, (the full version,) which is for solo guitar. It’s in C major, not G major though. You might be able to work with it, don’t know. Here’s the link..http://artofguitar.net/william-tell-overture-finale/

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