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Conquering Technical Hurdles:

 A Full Technical Revamp Course with over 30 Detailed Instructional Videos

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Discount Price $35

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Important Note if you are reading this page for the first time!

I’m releasing this course in its “beta” version in time for the holidays. If you purchase it at this price you’ll have complete access to all future improvements and upgrades, some of which will come with an increase in price.

The videos are all filmed, but the final set (Coordinating the Hands) is still in its editing stage, and I’ll be adding them to the site as I complete them over the next week or so. Once they are all posted, the price will go up.

There will also be an accompanying Ebook that will be released early in 2014 (free to you if you purchase on or before the 25th of December, 2013)

I’ll be looking for ways to upgrade it in the future based on your feedback), including offering it as an actual 5-week Webinar-style Technique Revamp Course with active student participation.

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 Full Refund Guarantee:

If find for any reason you are not satisfied with this set of videos, even if it’s just that you can’t stand the color of the carpet that shows up in some of the camera views or dislike my haircut, I’ll refund you in full, no questions asked.


My Guarantee:

If you use the material here in a consistent and dedicated way, your playing will improve tremendously.

Jay Kauffman, December 23, 2013, New York City


 More Details on the what you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to a beautifully designed, easily navigable Membership Site
  • Over 30 high quality videos  (2+ hours of content) with great sound, (privately hosted on Vimeo)
  • My intention is to make them all available for you to download, via a password-protected folder. This feature will be available soon.
  • The videos are easily viewable on any device: Desktop, Laptop, Ipad, Smartphone, you name it.
  • The Membership Site/Website is “Responsive,” meaning it adapts automatically to any size of viewing device, including all manner of Smartphones and Touchscreen pads.
  • Pdf download of the exercises I show in the videos
  • Set List of videos:

Video Set 1: All That Supports Your Technique 
Video 1: Why is How You Sit So Important?
Video 2: Awareness, Analysis, and Technique
Video 3: Breathing and Technique
Video 4: Analyzing Your Posture
Video 5: Four Points of Contact and a Fifth
Video 6: Finer Points of Holding the Guitar
Video 7: Other Guitar Supports
Video Set 2: What the Hands Have in Common
Video 1: The Workhorse and the Voice of the Guitar
Video 2: The Knuckles and Joints
Video 3: Playing from the Knuckle
Video 4: The Bend of the Wrist
Video Set 3: Mastering Right Hand Technique
Video 1: Right Hand Poise
Video 2: Right Hand Position and Movement
Video 3: Why Free Stroke is So Important
Video 4: Three Steps to Developing Free Stroke Control and Confidence
Video 5: Further Free Stroke Principles
Video 6: Rest Stroke Essentials
Video 7: Practicing Ready Aim Fire
Video 9: Fingernail Essentials
Video Set 4: Mastering Left Hand Technique
Video 1: Left Hand Poise
Video 2: Left Hand Position
Video 3: Left Hand Movement: Why (and how) to Practice Scales
Video 4: Left Hand Movement: What to Focus on When Shifting
Video 5: Left Hand Movement: Shifting Exercises
Video 6: The Power of Pull-offs
Video 7: The Hammer-on and the One-Inch Punch
Video 8: Hammer-on Exercises
Video 9: Left Hand Exercises for Finger Interdependence
Video Set 4: Coordinating The Hands
Video 1: The Space Between the Notes
Video 2: Shaping, Articulation and Right Hand Preparation
Video 3: Secrets of Left Hand Articulation
Video 4: Moving Seamlessly Between Chords
Video 5: Details of Clean Shifting
Video 6: Arpeggios and Hand Coordination



“Jay’s pedagogy is clear and accessible. He takes into account all levels of students, so the beginner doesn’t run away discouraged or the advanced turn off because they’re not challenged.”

Mark Scott

“Jay’s approach to teaching is distracting me TO the music and away from the usual din in my head which disconnects me from both my hands and the guitar. So instead of listening to the whirlwind of chopped up thoughts I’m usually having while practicing, which are mostly negative (did that wrong, strings ALWAYS buzz, my hands must be misshapen, shouldn’t be even trying to do this, etc.), I am listening to the guitar — to the strings. The second thing is coming naturally from the first: I am feeling a direct connect between my mind, hands and back and shoulders and what sounds are happening. So I feel in control. “

Rachel P

Discount Price $35

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