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Basic Classical Guitar Mastery

This course is jam-packed with creatively filmed and entertainingly edited demonstrations of all the fundamentals of basic classical guitar technique. I present them in a way that is intended to upload as much knowledge as I can—knowledge that I’ve struggled for decades to master— directly into your fingers, mind and body.

I originally called this course “Conquering Technical Hurdles.” I changed the title because as I created the course, it evolved into much more than the title implied: it became a very complete compendium of basic classical guitar technique.

It’s not a course for beginners on the classical guitar.  It is essentially a basic technique course designed for anyone who has struggled with technical blind spots in spite of years of practice, with the goal of helping you finally master those basics.

It’s packed with clues, suggestions, visual cues, and analogies that are designed solely to help you overcome technical hurdles as deftly as possible with the minimum of frustration. To do this you need to learn how to get in touch with and harness the power of your inner experience of playing and constantly combine that with your natural powers of observation.

Because I’m attempting to communicate something about the inherent structure of technique through the form of the course, it is not organized in the traditional pedagogical way.

The technical exercises not designed to give you a workout—there are plenty of fantastic examples of those to be found elsewhere. The exercises I give are designed to give you a deeper understanding of how to USE technical workouts. The are also intended to show you how to create your own technical exercises when they are needed, and how to ju-jitsu the repertoire you are learning into technical growth.

The goal is to develop a kind of natural tendency towards mastery that will eventually grind down all the hurdles, AND at the same develop your ability to be intensely and freely musically expressive.

All the videos are downloadable!

Course Price: $60 

“It’s like having your own personal teacher at anytime of the day or night. . I would definitely recommend this product to any guitarist. Whether they are a beginner or even advanced.

Terry Delport, Student, Guitarist

With Jay’s advice… I feel like I’ve gone from 1 and 1/2 pistons to a V8. And I’m not talking about tomato juice. I recommend these videos without the slightest hesitation. I would even venture to say that it is a dream of mine come true. Somebody had to make all these videos. Luckily, there is no question in my mind that the job in this case was taken by the superior force. Finally here is a systematic and thoroughly grounded set of guitar instruction to suit me. I now feel connected with like-minded, free-spirited guitar players around the world—We are in on some of the best kept secrets on the planet.

Mai Mollman, Student, Guitarist, Writer


More Details on the what you’ll get:

  • Lifetime access to a beautifully designed, easily navigable Membership Site
  • Over 40 high quality videos  (2+ hours of content) with great sound, (privately hosted on Vimeo)
  • The videos are easily viewable on any device: Desktop, Laptop, Ipad, Smartphone, you name it.
  • The Membership Site/Website is “Responsive,” meaning it adapts automatically to any size of viewing device, including all manner of Smartphones and Touchscreen pads.
  • Pdf download of the exercises I show in the videos

Sometimes, people are worried that they don’t have much time to go through a big course. But with this course, you can refine your techniques by watching just a few videos.  it’s straight to the point (no B.S.). It has well-designed exercises that minimize your practice time and concise videos for each lesson. I love the exercises that help me improve my left and right hand techniques without spending too much time playing random stuff.  Just follow Jay, and you will see your skills improved dramatically.

Champ Supachai, guitar student

“Jay’s pedagogy is clear and accessible. He takes into account all levels of students, so the beginner doesn’t run away discouraged or the advanced turn off because they’re not challenged.”

Mark Scott, Guitarist, guitar student

Only $60  

The course is over 40 videos long, It’s designed to rebuild and refine your basic technique from the ground up. If you’re a beginner, then much of the material will serve to set you up on the right track. It clearly demonstrates and explains the all of the concepts most important to playing well. And as you get better and better, you’ll find that the material and concepts in the more advanced videos will continue to help you over time.

If you have been playing for a while and still find yourself frustrated or stuck in any way, this course could still be very helpful. Many fairly good players have certain blind spots which hold them back a great deal. In my experience insufficiently mastered technical basics account for a large percentage of the mistakes classical guitar students make. Improving your mastery of the basics, and knowing how to practice and hone the them—and developing the skills to identify when you need to do this–are prerequisites for solving more advanced technical challenges. This course walks you through this in detail.

Money Back Guarantee 100% - Circle Badge Blue

 Full Refund Guarantee:

If find for any reason you are not satisfied with this set of videos, even if it’s just that you can’t stand the color of the carpet that shows up in some of the camera views or dislike my haircut, I’ll refund you in full, no questions asked.

“Jay’s approach to teaching is distracting me TO the music and away from the usual din in my head which disconnects me from both my hands and the guitar. So instead of listening to the whirlwind of chopped up thoughts I’m usually having while practicing, which are mostly negative (did that wrong, strings ALWAYS buzz, my hands must be misshapen, shouldn’t be even trying to do this, etc.), I am listening to the guitar — to the strings. The second thing is coming naturally from the first: I am feeling a direct connect between my mind, hands and back and shoulders and what sounds are happening. So I feel in control.”

Rachel P, guitarist, guitar student

Follow the links below to watch a series of these videos for free.

Module 1, Video 1: Why How You Sit is So Important
odule 1, Video 6: Left Hand Leverage
Module 2, Video 1:  The Workhorse and the Voice of the Guitar
Module 3: Video 2: Right Hand Position and Movement (Excerpt)


Course Content

Lessons Status

Module 1: All That Supports Your Technique


Module 2: What the Hands Have in Common


Module 3: Mastering Right Hand Technique


Module 4: Mastering Left Hand Technique


Module 5: Coordinating The Hands