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Four Stray Thoughts

Stray Thought #1

This piece was written a while ago when I was studying a bit of jazz harmony. The pieces in my “stray thought” series tend to take a simple musical idea and follow it whereever it feels like going—reining it in gently so that it strays slightly but not too far afield of the usual rhythmic and harmonic expectations.


Stray Thought #2 (Duet for Solo Guitar)

Experimenting with several different video viewpoints….kind of fun.

Stray Thought # 3

Stray Thought # 4

My apologies in advance for the relatively low sound quality on this….it’s straight from my iphone to you. This is a fun piece, but oh, so challenging. The fingerwork needed to make it sound as light and airy as it needs to sound is quite daunting. The guitarcam angle captures that aspect of it quite well, so enjoy!

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