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Prelude 2 with Variation

This piece has a storytelling, Latin American feel to it. The variation also works great as a study in strengthening your “a m i” arpeggio technique while at the same time making it more expressive and musical.

This is the 2nd prelude from my first set of Preludes for solo guitar.

You can purchase this prelude as a single piece by clicking “add to cart” just below:

Prelude #2 with Variation
Prelude #2 with Variation
Instant Download of a 2-page Pdf score
Price: $2.00
Tablature Version :

You can also purchase all 5  preludes in one Pdf for a discount.

Five Preludes
Five Preludes
Instant Download of 7-page Pdf Score
Price: $6.50

To listen and watch the rest of the preludes, go here:  http://artofguitar.net/five-preludes/

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