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Spooky Blues

T’was a dark and stormy Halloween’s eve. Classical guitarist Jay Kauffman had played enough J.S. Bach for one day. He set up his Flash Mino HD Recorder.

It was time to get spooky.

Spooky Blues is published by Tuscany Publications, and you can purchase it!
Here are some places to order it online for around $5:
Guitar Solo Publications
Chappell of Bond Street

or just do a Google search  “spooky blues sheet music Jay Kauffman”

Enjoy!  And once you get your hands on it, be sure to email me if you have any questions.

And last, but not least: For the sake of your own personal safety and sanity,please attempt to follow the instructions on the score with great diligence, no matter how unreasonable they seem! Of special importance is the warning very end of the piece: “Whatever you do, don’t look up and grin!”


Buy Spooky Blues

Order from: Home Pages Price
Chantarelle Chantarelle.com 4EU
Sheet Music Plus sheetmusicplus.com $ 5


“The title sounds as if it’s for the young, first-year student, but unless they have a grade 7 technique and a good feeling for the blues, then this is not for them. “Spooky Blues” is a great bit of fun to play through; it has various effects such as a muffled bass line, nail scraping, excessive bending of notes, tapping nails along the side of the guitar and striking the strings above the nut. All of this, plus a very brief (unintentional?) quote from the Twilight Zone theme tune and the essential blues rhythm of crotchet/quaver triplet beat makes for an entertaining piece of music which could perhaps be slotted into the encore list file. The music is well printed and has plenty of entertaining instructions as well, such as: “slide at the last moment to B or thereabouts without re-striking, then get the hell out of there” and gentle reminders such as “are you still muffling the bass?” Best of all must be the instruction afterthe final bar “Whatever you do, don’t look up and grin”. Great stuff! “

Review by Steve Marsh in Classical Guitar Magazine (January 2001)

“Wonderful performance piece for guitar – SPOOOOOOOKY. Love Kauffman’s performance notes (reach over and strike all strings above the nut with right hand – BE CAREFUL).”(medium difficult)

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