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The Space Between the Notes

The Space Between the Notes post image

This is actually one of the most important secrets to being in control of your playing both expressively and technically.

It’s the first video in Module Five of Conquering Technical Hurdles, which is about Coordinating the Two Hands. In the rest of the videos I walk you through all the essentials and some of the best tricks available for you to pull your playing out of half-sloppy-land and get your music sounding more and more like you want it to sound.

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  • Mai Mol

    What? There’s no word in English for “The space between the notes”?
    Very effective use of blacking out the screen during the note illustrations. A listen is worth a thousand pictures. And I like how, later then, it’s black and then the words pop up too. (beginning middle end) Each one of these videos just gets a little bit better. Just when I thought I didn’t want to practice anymore, I watch one of these videos and pick up my guitar for just another ten minutes.

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