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Video 1: Right Hand Poise

Download this video by following this private link to the Vimeo site. Please don’t share this link.

Videos 1 & 2: Poise and Position/Movement

I’ve chosen to make a differentiation between what I call “poise” and “position.”
Balancing these two concepts gives you way to balance awareness with analysis.

  • Video 1 has some analysis but is greatly balanced in the direction of cultivating your hand’s internal awareness and its connection to your inner experience
  • Video 2 pushes awareness but is mostly an in-depth analysis of the essential details of right hand technique.

Video 1

Poise in your right hand technique (and in any technique) only works if you experience it internally, if you really feel it. Poise shows up on the “outside” as a right hand with great form, position, flow, movement. But the source of the poise is internal.
In addition, I attempt to communicate in this video the range of expressive power that is quite literally at your right hand’s fingertips. I could have gone a lot further in this regard. When feeling into the poise and expressive power of your right hand, I suggest creating exercises in which you play simple sounds, melodies, chords while experimenting with how they register in your body. In other words,  using your hand to create sounds while checking in with the rest of you, your body and emotions, and your imagination, and seeing how these feel coordinated to what your hand is doing. Learn to think beyond the old “eye-hand” coordination mantra, to new combos: “emotion-hand-coordination,” “body-hand-coordination,” “hand-imagination-coordination” and so on.