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Video 2: Left Hand Position

Download this video by following this private link to the Vimeo site. Please don’t share this link.


In this video we look at more angles and positions. The first half shows you adjustments that you can make between your body, arm and the guitar fingerboard and strings.

  1. Angle of the fingerboard to your body
  2. Angle of the soundboard to your body
  3. Position of your left shoulder
  4. Position of your left elbow
  5. Angle of your knuckles to the strings

The second half of the video zeros in on the hand and fingers, shows you adjustments you can make on this scale. The “basic’ position I talk about is kind of a default, or resting position—the position your wrist,  thumb and fingers take when they are doing the basic tasks required of them, the ones that don’t require extra strength, stretch, and such.

  1. Using a straight wrist as your basic position
  2. Having the thumb behind the 2nd finger as a basic position
  3. Using the pad of the thumb, not the tip
  4. Gently arching your fingers and playing with the tip
  5. Pressing them down close to the frets when possible
  6. Letting your thumb loosely follow the fingers up and down the back of the fingerboard as they change strings

Getting these angles to work for you is meant to make things easier. Try not to be too religious and rigid about getting everything right from the get-go. Try to get the angles right by feeling into them letting them make what you’re doing easier.