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Video 6: Tidying up Transitions

Download this video by following this private link to the Vimeo site. Please don’t share this link.

In this video I demonstrate how I use right hand preparation to tidy up the potentially sloppy transitions between notes, chords and phrases in a passage of music.

The piece is a Minuet by Baroque guitarist/composer Robert de Visee.

At 3:25 I give you a warning about getting too obsessive. Be sure to watch this too! I’ve seen too many guitarists stalled on the path towards greater musicality and self-expression by becoming overly obsessed with “clean” sound. It can be great to obsess about this at the appropriate times during your development of technique—i.e. for short periods while you learn to control your articulation, develop better tone, work out how to use your nails and how to shape them.

pandora's box

But as I say in the video: don’t make getting rid of extraneous guitar noise your primary mission in life!

This path can only lead to madness. Work with the guitar, not against it.