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Video and Score—Prelude 1: Lullaby from a Paper Boat

I started out this piece as a simple study for one of my students to practice left hand finger independence. But while it does have a bit of that, it’s really more of a study in delicacy of expression and bringing out both musical voices to create a whole picture. As I wrote more of these short pieces, I decided to call them Preludes instead.

It’s all in 1st position, with one “pinky stretch” that will be a bit of a challenge to beginners.

I had a bit too much fun editing this video….
Yes, that’s “water” in the background. I got it from this amazing website: http://mynoise.net/, which demonstrates the mind & body-altering power of sound in a really neat way that you can explore at your leisure.

This is the 1st prelude from my first set of Preludes for solo guitar.

You can purchase this prelude as a single piece by clicking “add to cart” just below:

Prelude #1: Lullaby from a Paper Boat
Prelude #1: Lullaby from a Paper Boat
Instant download of zip file containing 2 pdfs: Single Page Score with fingerings, and Single Page TAB Score
Price: $0.00

You can also purchase all 5  preludes in one Pdf for a discount.

Five Preludes
Five Preludes
Instant Download of 7-page Pdf Score
Price: $6.50

To listen and watch the rest of the preludes, go here:  http://artofguitar.net/five-preludes/



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