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Video: How do you practice and master difficult barre passages?

One issue that I run into a lot is barre passages that exhaust the hand—making it difficult to really get them practiced properly. Here’s a little video I put together about how you can kill three birds with one practice session:

1. Learn this kind of passage really, really, really thoroughly while….

2. keeping your hand from getting exhausted, and …

3. training your hand to relax whenever it needs to relax.

I find this same technique of practicing applies to most really difficult passages where my hand tends to hang onto tension and get tired.


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  • Tom Reardon

    An excellent instructional video. One of the best I have ever seen.
    Thank you.

    Tom Reardon

  • Mai Mol

    Probably the most masterful of any Barre Technique videos for classical guitar. I especially enjoy watching this on a large screen. You get the full effect of the three-way “cinerama”. The written music and two views of Mr Kauffman at work. Great tech work, Mr Kauffman, in illustrating-at a touch- each bunch of notes in the score of the tune which is being practiced.
    What a beautiful, sweet sound he coaxes from his guitar. The persuasiveness is something so simple, –on the horizon–but so within reach.!!

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