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William Tell Overture (Finale)


This is my arrangement of the full finale (the famous part) of the William Tell Overture for solo classical guitar.

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William Tell Overture Finale
William Tell Overture Finale
Instant download of zip file with 3 pdfs (5 pages each): 1. Urtext Score 2. Fully Fingered Score 3. TAB Only Version
Price: $7.00

The purchased arrangement contains three printable 5-page Pdf files:

  1. An unfingered (Urtext) Version, for Pros and those who’d like to do their own fingering
  2. A fully (painstakingly) fingered version, for those who’d like to know exactly what I recommend
  3. A full Tablature-only Version

Mauro Giuliani, the accomplished 19th century guitarist-composer wrote a number of “Rossinianes,” virtuosic potpourris into which he threw many of the favorite themes from Rossini’s Operas.Giuliani_Rossiniane

But he never arranged this piece, the most recognizable to modern ears. It’s in the same spirit that I present this arrangement–I like to think that if he had tackled the William Tell Overture, he’d have solved the guitaristic challenges in similar ways. I attempted to be as true to the original orchestral piece in spirit, while translating it into a playable and fireworks-filled tour-de-force for 6 nylon strings.

Even though I’m playing pretty fast here, I’ve never been obsessed with guitar speed or developing it to superhuman levels. I know that the orchestral version of this is usually played even faster, and I leave it to the true guitar speed demons to attempt to match that! Game on.




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  • Wow! Thanks for making my evening Jay. I’m sure Guiliani would have loved the arrangement, Rossini as well.

  • Mark Scott

    Jay, Bravo! on the Rossini. I have watched this video a few times and each time want to stand up and applaud. I remember when you were first arranging this and sending out versions of the arrangement for different levels; and I tried it myself then, in a beginner’s version. It is gratifying to watch you perform, for then I can see come together in both control and freedom all the disciplines you teach in small detached segments in your video course. There was also the Paganini, which was so delicate and lovely. I find myself wondering about your guitar.

    Mark Scott

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