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Thanks for visiting ART OF GUITAR! This website is, in part, an evolving online instruction manual—using articles, videos and interaction to create and hold a space of inspiration, support and challenge in service of your ongoing improvement.  But there’s more. As a classical guitarist, teacher, and composer who also engages in other forms of creative expression, things can get a bit unpredictable! Enjoy!
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Do you believe the following statement?

“Some people are just supremely gifted at a certain art—they have a ‘musical mind,’ or they are a ‘natural artist,’ which is something they were ‘born with.’  Meanwhile, others weren’t born with ‘it.’  They have little talent, and therefore will never be much good.”

It’s an assumption that’s built deeply into our culture. But it falls apart in many ways under deeper reflection, and also under the gaze of scientific studies of creativity and how mastery is gained.

The common conception of talent deserves to be questioned. A lot.

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Part two in this series is here:  The Art of Deliberate Practice: Choosing What To Practice, When & How To Practice It

New Post:The Shade of Fernando Francisco Gaspar Tarrega Sanz y Sor

I really have no idea if my fellow classical guitarists will like this spooky bit of creative writing I did over the holiday. They (and when I say “they” I include me) are a picky bunch.composingwithghosts4
But for me it’s been a great way to explore my love of composing for my chosen instrument along with many of my complicated feelings about its place in the current culture. Among other things,I also really enjoy using storytelling and dialogue as a way to explore some of the deeper philosophical questions about music and life/death that have always intrigued me. This is the first of three parts.

 “A crashing chord announces his full arrival. “I wish to humbly suggest….” says Ludwig van Beethoven, and strikes another chord….”the real reason that the classical guitar repertoire is fading!”

Chord, chord, chord.

“….and that would be its overall meekness!”

Piddly tinkling on the keys. Dramatic pause.

“So perhaps, my colleagues, when composing for the guitar, you need to stop settling for sweetish miniatures and shallow reflections of greatness!”

“Shallow reflections?” says Fernando Francisco Gaspar Tarrega Sanz y Sor, sounding appalled…

To read more, go here

 On JayKauffman.com: Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, K. 525 Arranged for Solo Classical Guitar

Eine Kleine thumb 2This is it—the full Serenade No. 13 for Strings, K. 525.

It’s transcribed for the advanced classical guitar, from G Major into D Major. The Rondo in C is in G Major. If you’re a bit burned out on Sor and Giuliani and their ilk, it’s a lot of fun to play a great composer such as Mozart on the guitar. A worthy challenge for all!

Click here or on the picture for more info.


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  • Larry Marchant

    Barre passages – spot on Jay. Many thanks!

  • Mark Scott

    I’ve changed web servers and find that I have lost the ability to log in for the courses I’m subscribed to. Can you help me out?

    Happy New Year to you!

    Mark Scott

    • JayKauffman

      Mark, can you send me an email describing what’s going on? I can change your password but I’m not sure what that would do.