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noteguitaristfrontpage4ART OF GUITAR: Bringing Music to Life on the Classical Guitar is an evolving online instruction manual, using articles, videos and interaction.   A major goal of the Art of Guitar website is to create and hold a space of inspiration, support and challenge in service of your ongoing improvement.

Find out about Skype Lessons. “It was just like being in the same room, in some ways even better. An hour went by very quickly, I received some fantastic advice, a long term technical issue addressed, all in all really comfortable, excellent, personable” Misha Robert, Luthier, Vancouver, British Columbia


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  • Larry Marchant

    Barre passages – spot on Jay. Many thanks!

  • Mark Scott

    I’ve changed web servers and find that I have lost the ability to log in for the courses I’m subscribed to. Can you help me out?

    Happy New Year to you!

    Mark Scott

    • JayKauffman

      Mark, can you send me an email describing what’s going on? I can change your password but I’m not sure what that would do.