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  • Wilson

    Hi Jay,

    This might seem like a silly question, but do you think that your video course would be of help to someone like me who’s been playing on and off for the past twenty years? I’m definitely past the beginner stage, probably hovering somewhere between intermediate and advanced. Any thoughts would be most welcome!

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

    • JayKauffman

      Wilson, it’s not a silly question at all, thanks for asking it. It’s hard to know for sure in your case, of course. But the issues covered in the course are definitely ones that I see showing up for students just like yourself, who have been playing for a while, on and off. Some things in there might be second nature to you already but other things will very probably point out blind spots you have that are holding you back in one way or another—unless you were taught from the ground up by a really competent teacher and are quite satisfied with your technique and what it can do for you.
      It does mainly cover the basics, that’s what I wanted my first course to be about.
      The basics, however are often what one needs to continually revisit and refine as you tackle increasingly more advanced repertoire. I certainly find that true for myself.


  • geumki

    Hey!! I’m a student who live in south korea. I really want to play
    the game of throne ost with my friend in university concert.
    but I can’t get your stuff because I can’t put in password

    please would you send me a email with the the ost stuff??
    or give me the way to get the stuff

    • JayKauffman

      Thanks for the request!
      To get the Game of Thrones arrangement you need to sign up for the art of guitar mailing list…..just sign up with your name and email in the upper right corner and you’ll get an email with the current password. Let me know if you have any trouble.

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