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The Art of Guitar Series

Conquering Technical Hurdles Video Course

Release Date: December 23

What’s In the Conquering Technical Hurdles Video Course? Watch this to find out more:

A Full Technical Revamp Course with over 40 Detailed Instructional Videos


artofguitarart5This course is meant to show you how you can grow not only technically, but as a musician and a guitarist— in ways you might not have realized were possible, using parts of yourself that you might have ignored until now.

It is not meant to substitute for a real live teacher, but it does address your ability to teach yourself when your teacher is not there looking over your shoulder, or when you don’t have a teacher to go to.

It will also be extremely helpful to anyone who teaches classical guitar to others.

Although I’m releasing this course in it’s “beta” version in time for the holidays, (meaning that I’ll still be adding more videos and eventually an Ebook, and looking for ways to upgrade it in the future based on your feedback) the material already contained in here is extremely detailed and valuable. I feel there’s nothing in video comparable to this in breadth, quality, and originality available online or offline at this time. In addition to being a structured series of videos that provide you with a detailed “audit,” or revamp of your technique, it serves as a great reference set for any time new technical issues pop up, as they are wont to do.

If you use the material here in a consistent and dedicated way, your playing will improve tremendously.

In terms of the sheer volume of info that you can learn from, it’s roughly comparable to taking 3-4 months of lessons, 10 – 15 of them. This could cost you between $600 to $1000. It’s full of clear, enjoyable, informative and usable information for beginners, intermediate players and for those who tend to struggle with a few vexing classical guitar issues that they’d like to put behind them. It also contains a lot of

The Special Holiday price for this set is $65. That’s what I charge for one online lesson.

If you purchase on or before Christmas, (December 25th) I’ll also send you the accompanying Ebook, “Conquering Technical Hurdles: The Art of Mastering Classical Guitar Technique” for free* when it comes out next year. You’ll also have access to all upgrades I make to the course for the foreseeable future.

*If you purchase it after the 25th I’ll still offer a discount on the Ebook when it comes out, and upgrades and other additions to the course will be available gratis.

“Jay’s pedagogy is clear and accessible. He takes into account all levels of students, so the beginner doesn’t run away discouraged or the advanced turn off because they’re not challenged.”

Mark Scott

“Jay’s approach to teaching is distracting me TO the music and away from the usual din in my head which disconnects me from both my hands and the guitar. So instead of listening to the whirlwind of chopped up thoughts I’m usually having while practicing, which are mostly negative (did that wrong, strings ALWAYS buzz, my hands must be misshapen, shouldn’t be even trying to do this, etc.), I am listening to the guitar — to the strings. The second thing is coming naturally from the first: I am feeling a direct connect between my mind, hands and back and shoulders and what sounds are happening. So I feel in control. “

Rachel P

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