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Prelude 5 (Moto Perpetuo)

This piece evokes a feeling of spring for me. It’s to be played with a very gentle sense of perpetual motion. It is also a wonderful study in left hand slur technique.

This is the finale prelude from my first set of Preludes for solo guitar.

You can purchase this prelude as a single piece by clicking “add to cart” just below:

Prelude #5: Moto Perpetuo
Prelude #5: Moto Perpetuo
Instant download of a 2 Page Pdf Score
Price: $2.00
Tablature Version :

You can also purchase all 5  preludes in one Pdf for a discount.

Five Preludes
Five Preludes
Instant Download of 7-page Pdf Score
Price: $6.50

To listen and watch the rest of the preludes, go here:  http://artofguitar.net/five-preludes/

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  • Mehmet

    Overlay of many layers of harmony, so beautiful and fluid.

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