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Video 11: Three Steps to Developing Free Stroke Control and Confidence

Download this video by following this private link to the Vimeo site. Please don’t share this link.

Here I open by showing  once more as clearly as possible the difference between free and rest stroke, revisiting the absolute importance of mastering free stroke.
This video breaks down the process of playing a single note with a single finger, bringing in both awareness and analysis.
The sequence is “connect–energize–release.” You can also say/think “ready-aim-fire.”
It applies to both free stroke and rest stroke, (the difference being that when you release you release the finger into the string behind.  Here I show you the free stroke version.

  1. Connect—where the nail meets the flesh (see the fingernail videos for more on this)
  2. Energize–by pushing the string into the soundhole. (in the video 9 I showed you exactly how to position the hand and use it in order to give the string as much energy (sound/resonance) as possible when doing free stroke and not hitting the next string.
  3. Release—follow-through into the hand for free stroke, and into the next string for rest stroke .

I recommend doing this exercise during your warm up—connecting with the strings,