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Video 6: Shaping a Nail

Download this video by following this private link to the Vimeo site. Please don’t share this link.

Here’s a demonstration video. There’s also a little bit here about using Guitar Player Nails.  If you are using any kind of artificial nail, The initial stages of shaping can be a bit different from those of shaping a natural nail. Often, with artificial nails you need to do a lot of cutting and shaving away of extra corners and such before getting down to the real shaping. And smoothing can be more laborious too, because there are more places where roughness and glitches can show up, due to the messiness of gluing something on, and due to using “crazy glue.” There can be extra glue underneath the nail, or overlaps between the real nail and the artificial nail.
Besides these inherent variations, the recommendations, principles and the endpoint goal of being glitch-free and smooth as glass are pretty much identical.