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Video 5: Left Hand Movement: Shifting Exercises

Download this video by following this private link to the Vimeo site. Please don’t share this link.


In this video I fill and demonstrate more fully what i mean by balancing accuracy and flow. If you follow along you’ll be able to find your own sense of the play between these two.

Remember that these are NOT mindless technical exercises. Sometimes it’s fine to just focus mostly on the mechanics, but in these exercises, not only do I ask you to stay as fully conscious and mindful as you can, but I also bring in a sense of musicality and music theory.

Even if you are doing technique exercises that are not “musical”——meaning that they are based merely on finger patterns rather than scales and harmonies——you should still feel for the music in them and aim to play them musically.

I believe that music theory is most useful if you try to sense and feel it and combine it with everything else that is going on. For instance, if you feel the emotional/sensory impact that the perfect 5th interval has on you at the same time that you feel how you shift back and forth from the lower note to the higher note, you’re combining musicality and musical understanding with your physical technique, and you’ll be programming yourself to be more musical from a very essential and basic level of technique.