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Video 4: The Essentials of Fingernail Use:

Download this video by following this private link to the Vimeo site. Please don’t share this link.

This essential video is about how your nails actually engage the strings.

  • Where and how the string actually needs to meet the nail (or nail meet string)
  • How the string leaves the nail (or how the nail leaves the string)
  • The most important skills you need to spend quality time mastering if you want to develop great tone using your fingernails.
  • The rundown on “nail noise,” and how you can deal with it effectively. More on this later.
  • Three points on the nail that you need to pay attention to when shaping and smoothing the nail: the entry point, the ramp, and the exit point.
  • The various factors that go into determining the shape you ultimately want to give your fingernails
  • Two basic shapes that are often recommended/touted as the “only” way to do it:
  1. The Gumby Shape
  2. The “Curved” Shape
  • Why you should play around with these shapes, to find your own most workable shape, and even combine the two in some cases.
  • Musical and technical strengths/benefits of each shape
  • Another suggested workaround for those who have problem nails: the “reverse Gumby.”
  • Some general rules about the lengths of the nails in relation to each other